Saturday, December 17, 2011

tmnt donatello

pencil and photoshop drawings
by DTM .dacreativegenius 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fine Art on canvas, paper and prints for Sale

Awesome Art from your favorite Mano A Mano Art Show Exhibits
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sneaker Pimps 2005

back in 2005 there was a national tour of customized sneakers with art
by local and national talent.
whatever happened to Sneaker Pimps?

DTM - creativegenius


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evolution of a drawing

drawings and illustrations by
DTM - creativegenius


Sunday, November 13, 2011

They Reminisce Over You Art Exhibit

produced by MisterSoul for the rights of all of us!
Kevin "Mr. Soul" Harp combines art with activism
Today members of Atlanta's artistic community will come together for a
special art show designed to bring attention to the multiple
injustices that take place in America.
Artist and illustrator Kevin "Mr. Soul" Harp, with backing from his
partners at tattoo shop/art gallery City of Ink have organized the
"When The Reminisce Over You: We Are Troy Davis" art exhibit where
painters and other creatives from all over the country will display
pieces speaking to everything from police brutality to the crooked
judicial system.
Harp, who is known for his work for a plethora of recording labels
including designing logos Ludacris' DTP Records and and album covers
for dead prez and R&B singer Lloyd, says the show holds a special
place in his heart.
"My reasoning for this show has everything to do with my purpose,"
says the Cleveland native. "I didn't have a chance or choice in the
matter. The day before Troy Davis’ execution a voice spoke to me and
said that i needed to do this. This show has everything to do with
what I am about as a individual. It told me to organize artists to
speak against the injustices that we as a people face. It told me to
use my resources and talents to put this show together."
The show will feature over 20 artists using the Troy Davis case as a
catalyst to create pieces speaking on other travesties including the
cases of Geronimo Pratt, Katheryn Johnston, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant,
Mumia Abu-Jamal and countless others. People from all walks of life
are participating in the show, making some of the pieces beyond
"One artist said doing a piece for this show allowed him to speak to
his kids about injustice and that he and his kids worked on the piece
together," Harp says.
He continues, "We also allowed school kids to participate in the show
because we wanted to give them an opportunity to express themselves.
We also have an artist who said she is almost going broke to fly down
from D.C. to come have her piece on display in the show."
The show will not just be about walking around and admiring though.
Harp hopes to agitate and cause action when people leave. Everyone in
attendance will be given pamphlets with lists of organizations that
they can donate to, the case files of The Dixmoor Five, Mark Clemons,
Pratt and Abu-Jamal. It will also have information about the rights
you have when you are pulled over by police.
"One of the primary reasons we are doing this show is to keep the
awareness alive," says Harp, who is also credited for creating the
official Occupy The Hood logo. "So many times in our community we
rally, rally, rally and cry, cry, cry but then we let it die, die,