Thursday, April 30, 2009

merchandise coming soon

some of the images that I will be using for my upcoming merchandise products. A lot of drawing going on right now, especially since I have a few upcoming opportunities for my art to hit the streets!
Tezcatlipoca, Aztec Princess and the Aztec Calendar.

I will be posting some pictures soon, I got so much going on, I cant post everything as it happens.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

bookmarker series, 2

number two bookmarker. "evil pencil"

new upcoming mano a mano group art show date: July 2nd. theme: superheroes @ 5 Spot. submit info for consideration: All mediums accepted! the theme of the show is superheroes. any and all superheroes are welcome. popular superheroes, new superheroes, personal superheroes, superheroes no one has ever heard of. u decide.

bookmarker series, One

So I was a Velocity Printing & Design (They print t-shirts and paper products. ) @ Lil 5 Points and I noticed they had this big bin full of scrap paper!

So I reach in and start grabbing it so I can take it with me, its scrap! so I grabs lots of these small strips of hard paper, they the size of bookmarkers... and I tell myself that I can find something to do with this. draw on it of course!

and here's the first drawing.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

board in progress

hand painted each step of the way. It was a little rough at first, then it got easier as I put my talent to work! I finished it with markers.

Monday, April 27, 2009

drawn while out getting some beers...

Odari and I stopped at the Highlander for some food and a drink, we ended up drinking 4 beers each and I sketched this out! thats Jesus, a girl with a gun, a skull and my version of one of Charlie Owens drawings... hehehe
Its over! Lakers wait on Houston or Portland. Final score: 107 -96 WIN OR GO HOME BITCHES!!!


Come to SK8 or DIE IV this Saturday from 3-9pm over 100 artists and skateboards!
Saturday, May 2, 2009 3:00pm - 9:00pm
Youngblood Gallery 636 North Highland Ave. Atlanta, GA
404 254 4127

Sunday, April 26, 2009

let me show u something.

and this is how its done.
top. original drawing. below. illustrator version.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pay attention cuz da Lakers r gone show u how its done!
Bike ridin weather!

Friday, April 24, 2009

There is no problem so great that it cannot b overcome thru application of creative human thought.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Utah, u played well. U deserve one cuz one is all u get.

gimmie dat beat fool!

f u r an artist and would like to participate in group art shows, submit your name and info at:

respect 2 Cube:

Give me that beat fool, it's a full time jack move
Chilly Chill, yo homie mack the track move
And I'll jack any Tom, Dick and Hank
That's the name of the SUCKERS I done ganked
I get away from a copper
Drop a dime, I'll break you off somethin proper
With the L-E-N-C-H-M-O-B
T-Bone and that's J.D.
And here's how we'll greet ya
Stop fool, come off that beat ya
feel dumb cause you're caught in the dark
(ya lil nuttin ass mark)
Raise up, cause you cant' have it back
You said - "I ain't never got gaffled like that"
Off the end of the gat you choke
Short Dog's in the house - "Whattup loc?"
Nuttin but a come up
Gimme that bass, and don't try to run up
Cause you'll get banked somethin sweet
Ice Cube and the Lench Mob, is jackin for beats

Huh, and even if you're down with my crew
(Yo Chuck man, i dodn't understand this man
You got to slow down)
I jack them too
And then we'll freak it
Kick that bass, and look what we did
Fade the grade, played, and made a few mil
and I keep stealin
Ice Cube'll make it funky
But right about now - *let's get up in the hump*
But I don't party and shake my butt
I leave that to the brothers with the funny haircurs
And it'll drive you nuts
Steal your beat, and give it that gangsta touch
Like jackin at night
Say hi to the three fifty-seven I'm packin
And it sounds so sweet
Ice Cube and the Lench Mob, is jackin for beats

Ice Cube, will take a funky beat and reshape it
Locate a dope break, and then I break it
And give it that gangsta lean
Dead in your face as I turn up the bass
I make punk suckers run and duck because
I don't try to hide cause you know that I love to
jack a fool for his beat and then I'm Audi
So when I come to your town don't crowd me
Cause I know, you're gonna wanna kick it with me
But I know, none of y'all can get with me
So you think you're protected
Well you are til you put a funky beat on a record
Then I have to show and prove and use your groove
Cause suckers can't fade the Cube
And if I jack you and you keep comin
I'll have you marks a 100 Miles and Running!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

drawing session 420

once again, a wonderful model at Binder's this past monday.
Cmon pistons! Only cuz i dont like cleveland

Monday, April 20, 2009

Body Painting Shoot

I was lucky enough to work with all these lovely ladies. thank you!
T.T. Coles, Ain, Jamila, Tiffany, Flux and all the other lovely people who were there!

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special thanks to P.E.

Yes - the rhythm, the rebel
Without a pause - I'm lowering my level
The hard rhymer - where you never been I'm in
You want stylin' - you know it's time again
D the enemy - tellin you to hear it
They praised the music - this time they play the lyrics
Some say no to the album, the show
Bum rush the sound I made a year ago
I guess you know - you guess I'm just a radical
Not a sabbatical - yes to make it critical
The only part your body should be parting to
Panther power on the hour from the rebel to you

Radio - suckers never play me
On the mix - just O.K. me
Now known and grown when they're clocking my zone it's known
Snakin' and takin' everything that a brother owns
Hard - my calling card
Recorded and orderd - supporter of Chesimard
Loud and proud kickin' live next poet supreme
Loop a troop, bazooka, the scheme
Flavor - a rebel in his own mind
Supporter of my rhyme
Designed to scatter a line of suckers who claim I do crime

Terminator X

From a rebel it's final on black vinyl
Soul, rock and roll comin' like a rhino
Tables turn - suckers burn to learn
They can't dis-able the power of my label
Def Jam - tells you who I am
The enemy's public - they really give a damn
Strong Island - where I got 'em wild and
That's the reason they're claimin' that I'm violent
Never silent - no dope gettin' dumb nope
Claimin' where we get our rhythm from
Number one - we hit ya and we give ya some
No gun - and still never on the run
You wanna be an S.1 - Griff will tell you when
And then you'll come - you'll know what time it is
Impeach the president - pullin' out the ray-gun
Zap the next one - I could be you're Sho-gun
Suckers - don't last a minute
Soft and smooth - I ain't with it
Hardcore - rawbone like a razor
I'm like a lazer - I just won't graze ya
Old enough to raise ya - so this will faze ya
Get it right boy and maybe I will praise ya
Playin' the role I got soul too
Voice my opinion with volume
Smooth - no what I am
Rough - cause I'm the man

No matter what the name - we're all the same
Pieces in one big chess game
Yeah - the voice of power
Is in the house - go take a shower boy
P.E. a group, a crew - not singular
We were black Wranglers
We're rap stranglers
You can't angle us - I know you're listenin'
I caught you pissin' in you're pants
You're scared of us dissin' us
The crowd is missin' us
We're on a mission boy

Terminator X

Attitude - when I'm on fire
Juice on the loose - electric wire
Simple and plain - give me the lane
I'll throw it down your throat like Barkley
See the car keys - you'll never get these
They belong to the 98 posse
You want some more son - you wanna get some
Rush the door on a store - pick up the album
You know the rhythm, the rhyme plus the beat is designed
So I can enter your mind - Boys
Bring the noise - my time
Step aside for the flex - Terminator X

Mano A Mano April 18th pics, pt deux

special thanks to Shanequa Gay and Juicy J!