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Top 5 Marketing & Promotion Keys to Digital and Social Media 2012

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No matter the nature of your business, there are basic ingredients for a successful Marketing Campaign. Below I have outlined them for you. Some of these ingredients cost money, as they should because you should pay a professional to get professional results. Some other ingredients are free, but do take precious time to implement. Time is money, so even if the ingredient is free, your time is still costing money. 

1. Branding

Establish from the beginning short and long term goals. your look. your name. your logo and then organize a Marketing Campaign. 

Consistency is the key. Establish a look to carry throughout the campaign and a message to broadcast. The message could be: Buy this product, Listen to this song, Come to this event. The point is to have a brand to promote while telling the consumer how to do business with your company. Keep the message simple and help the consumer consume...from you! 

A good Branding Campaign will also ensure that the web address and email address on flyers, posters & business cards is consistent with the message. 

Using aol, gmail, yahoo, hotmail or any other email address that does not have your company domain ( as a contact email address, after all the pretty pictures and attractive design in the marketing campaign will kill the credibility of your product or service.  This is the point of branding.  People should know your company and it should be easy to find you. is much less memorable than

If you LOVE your gmail account and services from gmail, a professional web design/development team (such as can show you how to still use your gmail and show a professional presence to your clients.  (ask us how)

2. Website Presentation

presentation, presentation, presentation. 

A website's purpose is to represent your company, artist or service to the world. If the website is done by an amateur, then the website will represent that. In order for a website to be effective and give value to the marketing campaign, then the the website must be attractive, eye-catching and easy to understand.
Speed. There is a 5-second attention span rule to consider. Any website that takes more than five seconds to load, is going to lose potential business. All of us are looking for something online and we want to find it fast. That is why Google, Yahoo and Bing are competing to give us the most links at the fastest speed. If the website is made in flash or if there is an intro page or video/audio that is slow loading, then you are in fact keeping the CONSUMER away from the GOODS YOU ARE TRYING TO SELL. Why would you do that?

Very few businesses have products or services that target markets the require or respond to Flash websites.  Most Flash sites take time to load, Flash intros take too long to load and most people "Skip" the intro anyway.  Entry pages are a waste of time to most consumers.  Get your clients to what they came to your site for, as fast as possible.

And since you have a website, USE IT! Every piece of marketing material must have your company domain name ( and if you are going to include a contact email address, then ensure that the email address ends with the WEBSITE ADDRESS!!!  (

more top 5

Read the rest of the Top 5 Marketing Keys to Social Media Promos, where we cover the other 3 Keys and provide you with a full list of Free Online Resources designed to help your brand!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Speed Networking with Professional Giants at ISMS 2012 Music Industry Panel


The 7th International Soul Music Summit
August 16th - 19th 2012 Atlanta, GA

The W Hotel (Midtown)
188 14th Street, NE Atlanta,Georgia 30361
Phone: (404) 892-6000



Speed Networking is one-on-one face time with film/TV music decision
makers and influencers. Our panelists will meet a participant for a
two-minute period before the attendee is asked to move on to the next


David Linton, Vice President Urban, CO5 Music
Rhonda Baraka, Senior Producer, Aspire TV
Yolanda Neely, Program Director, B92.7
Daniels Flores, Graphic Designer (dacreativegenius)
Michele Wilson - Morris, The Entertainment Bank Publicity
Lamont Carson, Director, Bama Love Soul
Horace Jones, General Manager, Onyx Films
Karen Marie Mason, President, Red Clay Music Group
Evita Kaigler, Entertainment Attorney, owner Future Music Attorney program
Dominique Mitchell, President, Executive Decision Enterprises
Wayne Overstreet, General Manager, Wolf Bros Post
Rosie Bailey Stevens, Business Development Antigua / Barbados,
Integrated Marketing Specialist
Austyn Biggers, Senior Director of Programming, BET
Tracy Tookes, Marketing, GMC
Jaqueline Fleming, Actress
Leighala Jay, Management
J String – Producer / Label Owner
Stan Washington, Editor Atlanta Voice
Jimmy Roach, Motown writer / producer
Teddy T, Star Quality Entourage Marketing & Promotion
Doug Graham, Level Next Media
Al Greeze, Documentary Film Maker
Tom Davis, Dr-Love Radio, World Party

The largest music conference in the world dedicated to the independent
soul genre. Major Networking Opportunities with mainstream, emerging
and independent soul artist, retailers, tastemakers, consumers and

The Music Specialist
The Music Specialist’s mission is to provide foundations in the
Entertainment Industry and in business academics that will enable our
youth to advance the field of social entrepreneurship with the highest
quality performances that both educate and entertain.

Register for ISMS here

Hope to see you there this saturday!

Daniel Flores
DTM - creativegenius


Denominator Graphics is dedicated to the best in graphic design for
print and web.

Top 5 Keys to managing your brand online.

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